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T & C’s

We strongly advise to take your dog for a long walk before the appointment and make sure he/she have been to the toilet.
Please, keep your dog on lead at all times until he/she is safely in the grooming area.
If a dog is found to be aggressive, the session will be terminated having to pay the full amount of the service. We will not compromised the professional safety, so owner should collect the dog as soon as possible.
We do have a “non de matting policy”. If a dog is solid matted in some places, it will be clipped short to avoid pain and struggle of pulling the dog’s hair and skin for beauty reasons. Dog’s health comes always before vanity.
We accept no liability for any injuries caused by difficult dogs or happening during the grooming process. We work with live animals and sharp tools, so accidents can happen.
If a dog is found to have fleas without owners warning, the appointment will be terminated having to pay the full amount of the groom. If you suspect that your dog have fleas, always let us know over the phone, so we make sure no other dogs are around and an evening appointment will be given with an extra charge.
We should know prior the appointment if a dog have health issues, and his/her age.
We do not groom bitches in season.
We do not groom pregnant bitches.
Cancellation Policy:
We require 48 hours of notice to cancel an appointment, that give us enough time to fill the slot with another customer.
If you cancel after that time, a 50% charge will be applied to your next appointment.