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Dog Grooming

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Dog Salon Services

Dog Grooming Services - Brockwell Pups


Full Groom

Our full body treatment at our dog salon offers everything your dog needs to be healthy and look great. This includes dead-hair removal, nail trim, a between-the-pads-and-paw trim, an eye and ear cleanse, two shampoos, a warm blow dry, a custom coat cut and styling, topped off with a luxury finishing cologne spritz.

Bath and tidy up

This service includes a good bath with choice of natural shampoos to suit the coat or colour of your pet along with a face trim, sanitary trim, paw trim, blow dry and finishing cologne spritz. Nail clipping and ear and eye cleaning are also included. 


A wash and dry service with choice of natural shampoos along with a blow dry. This basic service also includes nail clipping, eye and ear cleaning.

Puppy’s first bath

Get your puppy used to being pampered from the very first bath. Includes nail clipping along with a thorough ear and eye clean. For puppies up to 4 months.

Hand Stripping

Expert hand stripping for wire coat breeds. This is followed by soothing bath with hypoallergenic shampoo, nail clipping, ear and eye cleaning.

Dog Salon Grooming Services - Brockwell Pups

Dog Salon Price List

All prices are “FROM” and subject to change depending on frequency, coat condition and behaviour of the dog.


All dogs

Cockapoo from £60
Cavapoo from £55
Cavachon from £55
Labradoodle from £75
Goldendoodle from £90
Mini Long Haired Dachshund from £40
Pomeranian from £45
LH Chihuahua from £40
Maltese from £45
Pekingese from £45
Yorkshire Terrier from £45
Bichon Frisé from £50
MiniPoodle (puppy cut) from £55
Standard Poodle (puppy cut) from £65 – £120
Tibetan Terrier from £65
Shihtzu (short all over) from £45 – £50
Corgi (full coat)from £45
Mini Schnauzzer from £50
Fox Terrier from £50
Norfolk from £50
Westie from £50
Cocker spaniel from £55 – £65
Cavalier King Charles from £45 – £65
Vizsla from £40
Staffordshire Bull Terrier from £45
Dalmatian from £40
Soft Coated Weathen Terrier from £65
Lakeland Terrier from £65
Airdale Terrier (short all over)from £90 – £110
Golden Retriever from £60
Labradors from £50
Nova Scotia Duck tolling Retriever from £50
Keeshound from £75
German Shepherd Dog from £65 – £75
Giant Schnauzzer from £75
Alaskan Malamute from £120
Old English Sheepdog (short all over) from £90 – £120
Bernese Mountain Dog from £90



Puppy Intro

Bath, gentle dry, sanitary area, nails clipping, ears cleaning, eye trim,perfume and bow tie.  £35


Nail clipping £10
Ears Cleaning £5
Blueberry Facial £5
Paw Balm £5
Bottle of signature perfume £4.50

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Dog  Grooming Services - Brockwell Pups
Dog Grooming Services - Brockwell Pups